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Welcome to PawsToo

A new revolution in Petsitting services

About the service

PawsToo helps you find people when you urgently need them to take care of your pooch or pussy. Its developed and built by pet lovers with this essential need and as a result, we`ve made no compromises.

It`s designed to be easy, secure and extremely pet-centric. So that whilst you are away, your pet is in the best of hands.

Web & Mobile

The service is primarily mobile centric, however we`ve built a facility for users to access the service via our website.

International Coverage

We are truly international serving expats and locals worldwide. We`ve also joined forces with some off the biggest names in PetCare to bring special deals but of course thats all part of the service. With over 94 million pets in the US (2013) alone, we are completely home based and operated from Amsterdam with regional representatives to take care when the unspeakable happens.


The service is available 365 days a year. 24 hours a day.

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Global, Free and Easy

PawsToo is free to join and we are giving 5 tokens away to all new signups!

Why Join Us?

What makes us different from the other sheep out there?

  • Free

  • Signup is FREE

  • Easy

  • Fill out a form and then enter the code sent by email - This activates your account. The whole process takes under 3 minutes

  • Global

  • For approximately 60c (2 credits), you can place an event to the world users. Buying credits is easy via PayPal (and soon ApplePay). We give you 5 credits for free to start with.

How do i join?

Click the link below. Its free to signup. We also give you a few credits to get you started for those wishing to post events. For sitters, the system is completely free to use.



The website will undergo significant updates to ensure a better service in the next upcoming weeks. Insured pet-sitting is not available as yet..

How does it work ?

Whats coming very soon

PawsToo has been developed from the ground up to supply a key service; Finding the best person for your needs.

Finding Someone

Using our geo-engine, your IP Address is located to your city and we attempt to match you based upon your profile.

Then simply define whether you`d like to look after a pet registered in the system, or that you are looking for someone to do the job whilst you are away from home.

Verification Services

In some cases we require 3rd party verification to ensure that your pet is left with a responsible citizen.

Reputation Based

Much like existing services out-there, such as AirBnB and Uber, our system is based upon reputation.

We`ve called this Karma. After each sitting, Karma is awarded with the opportunity to earn more during the time looking after someones pet.

This rating helps you assess the (optimal) suitability of a person to look after your pet(s).


We minimize the amount of information needed to provide an efficient service whilst maintaining strict privacy conditions. Consequently, no data is shared with 3rd parties without your approval.

Latest Updates


  • Christmas Competition Live

    Quick - Signup ! If you do so before the 14th December, then you will be eligible to enter the Christmas draw featuring nice gifts for your pooch or pussycat (if you win of course)... Must be in Holland, and must add a pet (cat or dog) to your profile to qualify.

  • Ask us a question?

    Want to know about the service? Ask us a question on the FAQ page - of course, you'll need an account first ;)

  • Schedules now added!

    We are really excited to announce that schedules are now available for your pet so you can inform pet-sitters as to whats needed to look after your darling whilst you are away.

  • Live !!

    We are live for signups worldwide - Join us. Its free to use and fun too.

  • Our first post!

    We are really busy getting the service ready to launch. We've started inviting a couple of key friends to test the system and will shortly invite a few more. Apologies for the delay as we are really making sure the service works before we go live.

  • Happy Pets Day

    Just wanted to drop a note to our furry friends and let them know we haven't forgotten you. Have a great day and hope your owner give you lots of hugs!

  • Looking for work?

    We will be shortly releasing a list of positions available within our team. In addition we are looking for senior management positions to fill. Check back shortly for more details. Please note you will require an account to apply for positions.

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